As Seen On: Heart Jewellery 

Forget everything you think you know (and feel) about heart jewellery. A far cry from the old-fashioned styles that might spring to mind, heart jewellery in 2024 is perfectly contemporary and wearable, and (bonus points) it’s trending.  

Don’t believe us? The resurgence of heart-shaped jewellery really kicked off with the Spring/Summer 2023 fashion shows, with brands like Moschino and Victoria Beckham splashing the shape onto clothing, and Celine and Saint Laurent accessorising their collections with heart jewellery. Prada’s first jewellery collection even included a statement, chunky heart necklace.  

With the coquette trend going strong for the start of 2024, many people are feeling more comfortable embracing overtly feminine and romantic style, having fun with motifs like hearts and bows.  

As a symbol of love and sentiment, heart-shaped jewellery is of course always timeless. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon and new Medley heart jewellery dropping, it seems like the perfect time to explore modern heart jewellery styles that feel right for now, and for your collection.  

Heart Jewellery, as Seen On 

Aside from Fashion Week runways, heart jewellery and accessories have been seen on plenty of celebrities, influencers, and in pop culture. It’s been worn on-screen by the icon herself, Barbie; Sofia Coppola’s Priscilla; Carrie Bradshaw; and on the streets of Paris by a certain fashion-loving Emily; as well as IRL by celebrities including Rihanna and Doja Cat.  

We’ve also loved seeing our Medley Posse rocking our contemporary heart jewellery – see who’s wearing it and how they’ve styled it on our socials, for the ultimate inspo to wear your heart on your sleeve (or your neck, ears, or wrist!).

The History of Heart-Shaped Jewellery

The tradition of heart-shaped jewellery can be traced back centuries, with roots in the Medieval and Renaissance periods. The heart symbol was associated with love, courage, and the human soul. However, it wasn't until the 18th century that heart-shaped lockets and pendants gained prominence as tokens of love and sentimentality. Queen Victoria's love for heart-shaped jewellery further popularised the trend during the Victorian era.

Why is Heart Jewellery So Popular?

Heart jewellery is so well-loved because of its sweet symbolism. They say some pictures speak a thousand words, and a heart is a symbol that effortlessly speaks volumes. Most often associated as a gift, and usually a gift between romantic partners, the heart symbolises a concept of love which is much broader. Universally recognised as a simple symbol of love, friendship, and connection, heart jewellery can be gifted to anyone you love. You can also buy heart jewellery for yourself, whether you wear it as a reminder of what’s most important, or simply because you adore the look and sentiment of it. 

When Can You Wear Heart Jewellery?

ou can wear heart jewellery any time you like - see it worn by our Medley Posse above for inspiration! With many contemporary takes on this classic motif featuring small heart pendants crafted in gold or adorned with diamonds, heart jewellery is versatile to wear just like you would wear other personalised pieces. Here are a few of our favourite ways to style heart jewellery:

Everyday style:

Wear a delicate diamond heart necklace, a gold heart bracelet, or a pair of diamond heart studs for a subtly sweet update on your usual gold pendants or diamond studs.


Add a complimentary engraving to our plain heart necklace in 10k gold for a timeless piece that’s laden with meaning. You could also layer a heart necklace or heart bracelet with another engraved jewellery piece or a locket for layered symbolism. 


Swap out your go-to studs for our heart helix studs in 10k gold, sterling silver, or diamonds, for a playful addition to your ear stack. Or stack your diamond heart necklace or bracelet with additional necklaces and bracelets for a modern way to wear this timeless symbol.

Who Can You Gift Heart Jewellery To?

Heart jewellery isn’t just a romantic gift, it’s symbolic of all types of love. You can give a heart jewellery gift to:

Your best friend

wear a matching piece for a cute friendship jewellery idea.

Family members

such as your sister, mum, or daughter. Again, you can also wear a matching piece to represent your connection.

Your partner

(with our modern heart jewellery, there’ll be no Valentine’s cliches here).


Let’s not forget to celebrate the most important love of all!

A timeless symbol of love, friendship, and connection, that’s also on-trend with contemporary designs that feel right for now, add a meaningful piece to your jewellery layers with heart-shaped jewellery. Explore our modern heart jewellery at Medley, crafted in materials to treasure including 10k gold, 925 sterling silver, and diamonds, to find the perfect piece for yourself or for a gift.