7 Styling Tips for Making Statement Jewellery Work for You

Chunky Paperclip Necklace in Gold

We love a bold, statement jewellery piece. While there’ll always be a place for our fine, layerable essentials, some days – and some outfits – call for a more impactful moment.  
Obsessed with eye-catching 70s jewellery after bingeing Daisy Jones? Just want to make sure you’ll *actually* wear that chunky chain necklace before you add-to-cart? We have you covered with our guide to wearing statement jewellery; from a simple, everyday statement to a full-blown bold look.  

 Is statement jewellery on trend? 

Statement jewellery is always in style, as it encompasses so many different jewellery styles and designs. It’s also the perfect way to lean into the resurgence of trends including jewellery styles from the 70s and 2000s, in a way that feels right for now. 

Statement jewellery really refers to any piece that’s designed to make a bold and noticeable impact, whether it’s a chunky chain necklace, a statement ring, or bold hoop earrings.  

Statement jewellery also comes in a range of materials, from precious metals to costume jewellery materials. At Medley, our statement-making jewels are crafted in genuine materials including 10k gold and 925 sterling silver, as well as 18k gold-plated sterling silver, for bold pieces that combine lasting beauty and affordability.    

With so many options to choose from, it’s safe to say that statement jewellery will always be on trend, because you can find the perfect pieces to suit your personal style and to elevate various outfits and occasions.   

What are the types of statement jewellery? 

You can find almost any jewellery style in a statement size and design. Here are some of the key types to look for when styling a bold, impactful look: 

Statement Necklaces:

These are generally chunky, stand-out necklaces which can be either short in length, such as a choker, or longer. Trending statement necklaces include heavyweight chains such as chunky paperclip chains, rope chains, snake chains, and ball chains. You can also build on your statement piece by adding a charm, or even layering pendants.   

Statement Earrings: 

These are always in style, as wearing a pair of statement earrings is an effortless and timeless way to bring impact to your look. Modern, bold earring designs include maxi dome hoops, chunky hoops, thick huggie earrings, textured hoops, and stand-out diamond earrings. You can also curate your own statement earring look by stacking multiple pieces, ear cuffs, or adding earring charms for extra length and light-catching movement.  

 Statement Bracelets and Bangles: 

A bold chain bracelet or bangle is the perfect piece to anchor your statement jewellery look. You can match the style of your statement necklace for a polished look, or mix it up. 

 Statement Rings:  

@lornamunro wearing our Ball Dome Ring and Ball Huggie Earrings
A must-have in every modern jewellery collection, statement rings are an easy-to-wear style to give your look a bold edge. Some trending, impactful designs include dome rings, ball rings, textured band rings, and multi-row pavé diamond rings.  

How much jewellery is too much? 

We are firm believers that there’s no such thing as too much, as long as you love your jewellery look and it expresses your personal style.  
If you’re just starting your foray into statement jewellery, or your usual style tends on the minimalist side, start with one bold piece at a time. Try a chunky chain necklace to elevate a simple top; pair some statement hoop earrings with a casual outfit; or wear a bold metal ring or textured bangle with an evening look, for an unexpected edge.  
As you get more comfortable with styling statement jewellery, you can begin to build your look by pairing two or more bold styles together. Just remember that a statement jewellery piece will create a focal point for your look; so, if you really want all eyes on your amazing ball chain necklace, keep the remainder of your jewellery simple so as not to detract from it. On that note, you could also draw *even more* attention to your statement necklace by layering 1 – 2 extra pieces around it.  
In general, the most important thing is to express your personal style and wear a statement jewellery look that makes you feel like your most confident and authentic self.

How to wear statement jewellery 

Make a bold statement with your jewellery look. Check out our top seven styling tips for statement jewellery, featuring our trending textured and ball jewellery pieces.  

 1. Layered Necklaces 


Get The Look: Chunky Ball Necklace and Boyfriend Paperclip Necklace 

Elevate a simple t-shirt or sweater, bring a playful edge to a tailored blazer, or add personality to your date night outfit. Yep, a layered statement necklace look can do all of this. Start with your statement necklace (we suggest our boyfriend paperclip chain, chunky paperclip chain, or chunky ball necklace). Add an extra layer, either shorter or longer than your focal point necklace to achieve the look you want. Want more? Build up to three layers, mixing your lengths, textures, and weights.   

2. Curated Ear

 @prudencekate wearing our chunky ball huggies and ball huggies for the ultimate statement look!  

The curated ear, or multiple-earring stack, is perfect for building as much of a statement as you want. Even if you’re starting your look with a bold, statement earring, there’s nothing to say you can’t experiment with stacking on more layers. Just ensure you wear your largest earring in your lowest earlobe piercing, then mix the textures and styles of your other earrings. We love how @prudencekate styled this stack with our chunky ball huggie in gold, our ball huggies in gold with then finished the look with an ear cuff and helix piercing.

3. Stacked Rings 

Your rings are where you really have license to go as heavy as you want on the statement, without worrying about your jewellery overwhelming your outfit or your beauty look. Start with your biggest, boldest ring, like our ball dome ring in gold, then pair it with a complementary style. You can start your stack on two fingers next to each other or balance out your hand with a piece on your index finger and ring finger (or pinky). If in doubt, just stick to the same metal colour and change up your styles and textures for a polished yet interesting look. And – you can never go wrong adding diamond rings and textured rings. 

4. Layered Bracelets 

Layering bracelets brings personality and statement luxe to any look; whether 
 it’s a bold eclectic stack to complement bare skin in summer, or an artful layer over the top of long sleeves. Start with two pieces – we always love the look of classic gold paperclip chain bracelet or a plain gold bangle paired with a statement gold bracelet for a chic contrast of textures (or pair two silver pieces, if that’s your preference); add a chain bracelet with a diamond tennis bracelet; or mix a few bracelets in different chain types – the possibilities are endless.  
This look features our Chunky Ball Bracelet, with our timeless Boyfriend Paperclip Bracelet, finished with our Diamond Tennis Bracelet. in 10k Gold for a touch of luxe.  

5. The Everything Stack 

Mastered the art of necklace layering, bracelet and ring stacking, AND ear curating? You know where to go from here – the everything stack. Create your perfect stack on your ears, neck, wrists, and hands, for a bold statement that expresses your style. To get started, stick with that golden rule of matching your metal colour throughout your look. However, this is also the chance to create a real personal statement: add diamonds, charms, coloured gemstones, and personalised styles to express who you are. Finally, keep your outfit simple and let your jewels own the show.  

6. Mixed Metals

This is the part where we break the aforementioned golden rule of jewellery styling (who has time for rules, anyway?). To ensure your mixed-metal stack looks effortless and intentional, even out your metals: for instance, layer even amounts of gold and silver bracelets. You can play with a combination of jewellery designs throughout your mixed-metal stack: our chunky and bold paperclip bracelets and curve bangles are perfect for creating a bold colour-blocked look. Mixing your metals also presents plenty of opportunities to play, so experiment with mixing your colours, your textures, and your styles, for a completely individual look.  

7. Add Diamonds  

The perfect way to finish off any jewellery look, including a statement stack, is with diamonds. The most versatile (and precious) gem, you can find a range of fine diamond styles at Medley that pair perfectly with your favourite statement jewels, for luxe sparkle and added texture. Choose from 10k gold or 925 sterling silver settings to match your bold metal styles. For this ear stack we’ve paired our textured hoops and huggies with a diamond stud and textured ear cuff, for a fun yet elevated look.  


Statement jewellery is an everlasting trend, because you can choose the styles, materials, and designs that express your personal style and that elevate your look for any season. Discover the perfect, bold jewellery styles to add to your stack with our modern yet timeless pieces.