Worn for Zoe Hoad

@zoehoad is a vibe. Unafraid to have fun with her style (her layering skills are something to behold) the singer and model lets us in on her personal style, how she expresses herself, and what it means to be independent and empowered. 

Get to know Zoe, and her amazing curated style – featuring mixed metals, statement layers and meaningful touches. 

For Zoe, style is about comfort first. And when it comes to self-expression, her advice is solid: “owning yourself unflinchingly, in style and emotively.”

What motivates her to take on the world? “I wouldn’t take on the world… 

but would definitely take on the future being the most useful ‘part’ of the world I can be. That’s inspiring to me.” 

Zoe’s definition of success is equally wholesome: “success is doing what you love and feeling like you don’t HAVE to, but WANT to – and feeling content with the fruits of whatever your labour.”

“Knowing myself, liking myself, being gentle with my inner-dialogue and working on my future daily” are key to embodying independent womanhood for Zoe, and equally important is women lifting each other up and supporting each other. “Women are such emotional creatures, we need each other to feel validated and understood.”

When it comes to jewellery, Zoe’s advice is to mix it up. “Layers baby! I experimented here with a two-tone vibe and I am ALL about it.”  And when it comes to figuring out your own personal style?

“A. Get a couple of style icons, people you really see and think ‘wow… that’s a literal mood to me’.  

B. Don’t be scared to experiment with belts, scarfs, hats, double/ triple/ quadruple layers! In fashion there are no rules. 

C. Start a fashion mood board that you can go back and reference every now and then.”