Talking Style and Sustainability with Pip Newell | Medley Jewellery

During our Winter '21 Campaign we collaborated with Pip Newell, founder of Curated Spaces to explore sustainability, and style.

For our Medley Winter ’21 Campaign, we wanted to explore self-expression, confidence and individuality through the fitting aesthetics of the 70s era. Not only does our new-in jewellery celebrate a spirit of freedom and expression through style, we collaborated with some of our fave designers and curators to set the mood for our campaign shoot.

Pip Newell is the founder and tastemaker behind Curated Spaces, a destination for stunning vintage and second-hand furniture and homewares, and some of her treasures formed key parts of our Winter ’21 shoot. Pip is a big believer that quality, beautifully designed pieces that resonate with you can help to make your home uniquely yours, and allow you to express yourself through your surroundings.

We asked Pip about sustainability, style, and what great design means to her. 

1. Have furniture and aesthetics always be a passion for you?

Definitely. I have always been enamoured by interior designers and architects. Before Curated Spaces I never thought I would actually have a career in the furniture and design world, but it has definitely been something I've been passionate about for a long time. 

2. How did you get started with Curated Spaces?

Curated Spaces started as a hobby. Sourcing and selling vintage furniture was something I loved to do whilst studying photography at university. I started the Instagram account in 2017 with just my friends following me and slowly grew the business over the last four years. 

3. Why are sustainability and salavaging important to you?

When it comes to furniture, salvaging is one way we can live more sustainably and have less of an impact on our environment. The more we can re-use and recycle, the less waste there is and demand to produce new things. If Curated Spaces has proved anything, I like to think it has shown that second hand-furniture can be just as beautiful as new furniture.

4. What makes a great piece in your mind (whether furniture, clothing, or jewellery)?

Whether it is furniture, clothing, or jewellery I think what makes a piece great is its ability to not only stand alone as a beautiful piece, but to integrate with its surroundings. I think it's important when designing to consider functionality and purpose so that it can be enjoyed. For furniture that means a sofa not only has to look great, but it also has to be comfortable and inviting.  

5. What makes a home a sanctuary?

For me what turns a space into a sanctuary is the personal touch someone puts into a place. I think of beautiful, soft warm lighting from a selection of different lamps collected over time. I think about comfortable sofas and chairs and some unique pieces of art, ceramics, sculptures, and plants that speak to someone’s personal style. 

6. We're loving the 70's resurgence in fashion, homewares, and design. What are your thoughts on the 70s aesthetic?

It is one of my favourite eras! I especially love the designs that came out of Italy in the 70s. There was so much colour and play with shapes and textures. We have a lot to thank the 70s aesthetic for today. 

7. What does it mean to you to "Go your own way"?

“Go your own way” talks about self-confidence and backing yourself and your individuality which I think is always important. I personally know I need to harness a bit more of the "go your own way" mentality when it comes to making decisions in my work and personal life! 

8. How would you describe your personal style? 

I definitely don't consider myself a style guru or someone who has a defined/ distinct style so this is a tough question for me, haha. I would say that minimalism mixed with something vibrant is my favourite in both design and how I dress. I try and steer away from trends and look for classic and timeless designs. 

 9. What are your favourite Medley pieces?

The square locket and oval locket necklaces immediately drew my eye. They have a beautiful sculptural element to them that I adore.