Practice self-love this Valentine’s Day


Practice self-love this Valentine’s Day

We think self-love is the best kind of love. And we all know you’ve got to love yourself to spread the love to others. So in honour of this, we asked Medley muse @isabella_gray how she’ll be practicing self-love, and celebrating the special people (and puppies!) in her life
this Valentine’s Day.  

1. What does self-love mean to you?

Self love for me is fully accepting myself and my flaws, investing in myself, treating myself with respect and kindness, and learning when to say no.  

2.     Your 5 favourite ways to treat yourself? 

1. Ordering my favourite takeout.
2. Watching a guilty pleasure movie.
3. Running a hot bubble bath.
4. Taking time to read a new book.
5. Buying myself flowers.

3.     Your fave place to be alone?

Definitely the beach.

4.     Do you have a daily ritual that helps you feel your best?

I have incorporated daily meditation into my morning routine and now swear by it! 

5.     What do you have planned to show yourself some love this Valentine’s? 

I think I will pop out and get a blow dry - I am leaving this year’s Valentines Day to my boyfriend… let’s hope he has something planned! 

6.     Will you be getting yourself a Valentine’s Day gift? 

I wasn’t planning on it, but I love Medley’s Silver Heavy Metal Choker layered with the Silver Slinky Herringbone.

7.     Who are your favourite people (and creatures!) to celebrate Valentine’s with? 

My amazing boyfriend Adam, and my beautiful puppies Oscar and Minnie.