Channel Your Chakra Pendant

Whatever energy you want to channel, wear your Chakra pendant as a reminder and as your own little personal boost. Read on to discover what the 7 chakras are and the benfits of wearing them.

Chakras are points of energy in the body, which are believed to be tied to different emotions and parts of our well-being. There are 7 main chakras along the spine: Root, or First Chakra (grounding, security); Sacral, or Second Chakra (creativity, inner world); Solar Plexus, or Third Chakra (inner power, sense of self); Heart, or Fourth Chakra (love, compassion); Throat, or Fifth Chakra (truth, self expression); Third Eye, or Sixth Chakra (intuition, openness); and Crown, or Seventh Chakra (higher consciousness, wisdom).

Why wear Chakra jewellery?

Do you sometimes feel… out of whack? Maybe you want to express yourself more fully, or you're unsure which direction to take and want to tap into your intution? The belief goes that we are affected by a number of external energies as we go about our lives. Working on your chakras can help you to focus in on an area of your life or emotional world that you want to work on, and enhance your well-being. Doing targeted meditation or yoga, or wearing the colour, gemstone, or symbol of the relevant chakra/s can all help you channel the inner energies you need.