Introducing Medley Autumn ‘22

Feel that? That sense of change in the air – or should we say, a sense of getting back to normal, of rediscovery and reconnection.
As we tentatively re-embrace ‘normality,’ or the world’s new version of it, the need for self-expression and sentimentality is at an all-time high.
It’s the season of renewal, a kind of renaissance; the inspiration of Autumn '22.

The Vision

Historically, the Renaissance - translated as ‘rebirth’ – was a time of inspired thinking, artistic and scientific advancements, and it was a period that gave the world some of its greatest minds and creators.

It was a period of transformation and emergence.
For our Medley Autumn ’22 campaign, we look forward to a modern revival of all that made the renaissance era great, celebrating self-expression and beauty in all its forms.

With time and connection more precious than ever, we celebrate each occasion and embrace the beauty in things that make us feel special at all times. Whether at home with our favourite books or out with our favourite people, we don our precious jewellery, our favourite lipstick, our signature perfume, and take joy in the kinds of moments we perhaps once took for granted.

It’s a vision of renewal; a rediscovery of the world around us and a newfound love of the world within.

The Jewellery

Expression is embraced through the art of personalisation. Whether we are delighting in dressing up again, experimenting with our look and the way we portray ourselves to the world; or keeping a wearable reminder of our loved ones close – engraved jewellery empowers us to truly express ourselves.

Discover new micro-diamond engravables: timeless sentiments made to last in 10ct gold, sterling silver and diamonds, with new curved shapes to flow with your silhouette.

Personalisation also extends through to our fingers with luxe, engravable signet rings: the ultimate way to wear your signature and a perfect complement to a chic and seasonal neutral or wine-toned mani.

As knitwear and heavier fabrics officially re-emerge for Autumn, we’d love to introduce you to their perfect partners: rich-textured heavy chains, lustrous statement rings, and hoops that hold their own.

Each and every piece is versatile and timeless, inviting creativity in how you mix, match and style into your wardrobe. Crafted for quality, in genuine materials including gold, sterling silver, diamonds, and lush 18ct gold plating, you can feel confident and considered in wearing your new favourite Medley jewels wherever, whenever, and in whatever way you want to express yourself.

Both modern and timeless, sentimental and stylish, classic and of the moment, it’s time to bid adieu to 'saving anything for best', find your favourites and own your identity.

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Medley Autumn ‘22

Photographer: Libby Willis

HMU: Gemma Elaine

Videographer: Que Films

Models: Zoë H and Zoë V


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