This drop: everyday reworked

Maria Then is a Swedish-born, US-based jewellery designer who’s created everything from runway styles to engagement rings for fashion brands around the world – including yours truly. Here, she talks us through the staple Medley styles you’ll never want to take off, highlights some of her foundational faves and shares how she wears things her way. 

 On necklaces

chain on. I also always wear an engraved pendant. Somehow, the necklace makes me feel closer to him. I love the idea of jewellery that celebrates a time and a place, a memory made.

Layering 101

“When it comes to layering necklaces, start with your fave fine chain (the one you love so much that you sleep in it). Then add a pendant or motif necklace. Finally, complete the look with a bold chain. I like the for this – it’s light, but it still has a presence. I love that we carry it in several metal colours and gauges.”

On rings

“Pick a base piece – the ring you love to wear the most. At the moment, I’m gravitating towards the ring. Build your collection from this fave by mixing in different scales, textures or glitz. You can definitely use all your fingers, but make sure you’re still able to type!

I love stacking rings. I find multiple smaller rings easier to wear for work than one big, bold piece. It also means I can shift them from one finger to another during the day – creating new looks.”

Mixing metals

“The only rule is that there aren’t any. If you like the way it looks, that’s all that matters. I love to mix silver and rose gold together to create a fresh two-tone mix.”

On bracelets

“I always say to wear as many as you can, practically. (If they start to get in the way of your productivity at work, it might be a sign to scale back.) I’m into wearing matching pairs, one on each arm, which I find works best with cuffs and bangles.

I’m also a fan of ‘puzzling’ bracelets together and playing with negative space for a sense of contrast. They look great layered with chains for added texture.”


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