Self-styled: KT Sanchez

Meet KT Sanchez, model and dancer. She spends most of her time in Sydney but also zooms around the globe to work on stage and in front of the camera. Here she fills us in on all the things that make her world.


“To me, self-expression means making choices that feel good for me and sharing a little part of myself with the world.”
Insta handle: @ktsanchez89
Star sign: Cancer.
Exercise style: Low impact – Pilates, yoga, dance!
Inner age: Thirty-one. I love getting older and I embrace every year that’s added on.
Introvert or extrovert: Bit of both. Introvert until you’re in my inner circle and then the extrovert comes out.
My strangest quirk or habit: Full conversations with my puggle named Busta!
Go-to stress solution: Dance it out or meditate.
Shower or bath: Shower.
Mornings or nights: Mornings.


“When I need a confidence boost, I tell myself, ‘You’ve got this.‘“
Morning ritual: List the things I am grateful for.
First thing when I wake: Exercise! If I don’t do it first thing, then I won’t do it at all. I love starting the day moving my body.
Last thing before I sleep: Spending time with my husband and dog.
I ground myself by: Breath and meditation.
Personal mantra: Trust in the timing. Everything is happening as it should.


“My ‘worn for nobody but me’ piece is my necklace with my dad’s initials.”
Jewellery makes me feel: Expressive.
First favourite piece: Engagement ring!
Trusty old friend: Hoops.
Jewellery box or on the shelf: On the shelf.
Gold or silver: Both!
Stacked or subtle: Subtle.


“I’d describe my style and attitude as ‘casual chic’! I’m a jeans-and-t-shirt girl and I dress it up with accessories. To me, less is more.”
Fave item of clothing right now: I’m 36 weeks pregnant, so my Bloomberri leggings. Pre-pregnancy fave is my Ksubi jeans!
‘Worn for nobody but me’ outfit: Ksubi jeans, Gucci belt, white t-shirt, black stilettos, red lipstick and a pair of hoops.
Running-to-the-shops get-up: Leggings and an oversized t-shirt.
Heels or sneakers: Both!
The designer who’d dress me for the Met Gala: Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing… a girl can dream!


“My dream garden is full of veggies and fruit.”
What does true comfort and contentment look like to you? Home.
City or country: Country.
Minimal or eclectic: Minimal.
Fave piece of furniture: My couch!
Tea or coffee: Coffee and green tea!
Healthy snack: Celery with peanut butter.
Guilty-pleasure treat: KitKat.
Signature meal: Anything Japanese!
Kitchen gadget I can’t go without: My rice cooker.


”My fantasy dinner-party guests would be Obama, Marilyn Monroe, Janet Jackson, Will Smith, Amy Winehouse, Frank Sinatra and Russell Brand.
What qualities do you love most about your best friendships? Loyalty and support.
Fave movie of all time: Man on Fire.
Currently binge-watching: The Handmaid‘s Tale.
Music on repeat: H.E.R.
Last book I read: Baby books!
Fave childhood book: The Magic Faraway Tree.
My type of art: Photography.
Style icons: Rihanna, Zendaya, Kate Moss.