Meet our i=Change charity partners: Australian Childhood Foundation

The Australian Childhood Foundation offers specialised counselling to help children heal from abuse, neglect and family violence. 

Family violence affects 46,000 Australian children every day, leaving a legacy of trauma. This foundation strives to guide children through the healing process, helping them recover and feel safe. They provide support for children to heal from what they’ve experienced to allow them to build a better, brighter future.

Their trauma team support children, families and carers, and provide help and support to professionals throughout Australia.

Australian Childhood Foundation extend their reach to both regional and remote areas of Australia. They are dedicated to helping children rebuild from the trauma they have experienced. The impact of child abuse takes its toll in so many ways.
It impacts children academically:

  • 68% of abused children referred to our Foundation are at least two years behind academically
  • 77% of children catch up to their age-appropriate academic level as a result of their involvement with the Foundation

It impacts children’s ability to feel safe in a home:

  • 56% of children in foster care experience more than three destabilising placement breakdowns because of their challenging behaviours in the 12 months leading up to their involvement with the Foundation.
  • 88% of children do not experience further foster care placement breakdowns after coming to the Foundation

Every child from the moment they enter this world deserve to feel safe and protected. The effects abuse has on children can leave a lifelong mark. The Australia Childhood Foundation is providing the services and support needed to help children rebuild.

Australian Childhood Foundation

Source: Australian Childhood Foundation